I learned what it meant to pamper myself and I began to radiate from within. I became very international about my self-care. I started to pour into myself mentally, physically, and spiritually and I stopped putting everyone and everything ahead of me. I first thing I did was start small; I  connected with people who were thriving in areas where I wasn't and I stopped feeling obligated to do things simply, because "I had always done it" or "it was routine". I started to incorporate self-care that helped enhance my outer beauty: facials, massages, pedicures, regular appointments to my nail tech, and hairstylist. I reconnected with my therapist, hired a business coach, and expanded my faith community; in addition, to my church home (check out Breakfast with God on Clubhouse). I became so intentional and purposeful about doing things that felt good to me mentally, physically, and spiritually and it's that peace that I found for myself that I want for you too! Because remember, when we look good we feel good and then we do good!

Who said shopping didn't feel good?


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Start to beam with confidence from shopping our great finds! I'm the mother to FIVE growing sons and my day can include going from the football field or basketball court to an impromptu date night with bae. At this stage of my life, I am not willing to compromise comfort over style or style over comfort. I want every piece to provide great comfort but even more great style with just a switch of the shoe. Each piece can go from comfy chic mom to uber hotwife with just a quick switch.


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