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As women, we do so much for others and we wear so many different hats. Now is the time we start to treat ourselves and pour back into our own cups. Let's make them overflow together!


The goal of Pamper Me Pretty is to create an intimate environment & community for women by women. Membership will bring you curated masterclasses and webinars to help foster mindset shifts as it pertains to your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Content is created to allow participants a unique opportunity to glean from our industry leaders & experts like never before, so space will always be limited.  Our premium membership comes with additional perks; such as recorded playback of all masterclasses & webinars, a free wellness box, and a 10% discount in the Pamper Me Pretty boutique. Who doesn't love a discount code when online shopping!  

The Pamper Me Pretty membership is specifically designed to pour into you mentally, physically, & spiritually. Looking for clarity as it pertains to your mindset? Or tired of trying to figure out the Bible or how to have a closer relationship to God all by yourself? Or how about, tried of buying the wrong foundation color or looking for the best lashes? If that's not you, are struggling with learning how to eat clean? Perhaps, you're an entrepreneur looking to connect with enterprising women in business? Then this is the membership for you! Join our elite community now. Network, connect and glean from female industry leaders and experts and watch your cup begin to overflow!

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