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I learned what it meant to pamper myself and I began to radiate from within. I became very international about my self-care. I started to pour into myself mentally, physically, and spiritually and I stopped putting everyone and everything ahead of me. I first thing I did was start small; I  connected with people who were thriving in areas where I wasn't and I stopped feeling obligated to do things simply, because "I had always done it" or "it was routine". I started to incorporate self-care that helped enhance my outer beauty: facials, massages, pedicures, regular appointments to my nail tech, and hairstylist. I reconnected with my therapist, hired a business coach, and expanded my faith community; in addition, to my church home (check out Breakfast with God on Clubhouse). I became so intentional and purposeful about doing things that felt good to me mentally, physically, and spiritually It was from that peace that I found for myself that I want for you too! Because remember, when we look good we feel good and then we do good!

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